Terms and conduct

All players must sign a sponsorship contract. The agreement is there to protect you as a player and Prostaker as a company. The contract contains clauses of the player’s and Prostakers obligations towards one another; period of agreement , the distribution of wins and losses, rakeback and bonuses as well as information about the current stake. 

Prostaker Sponsorship

Prostaker always provides the whole stake amount. All sponsored players start with a bankroll of 20 buyins. Each new month the players start with a bankroll of 20 buyins, whether the player won or lost the previous month. The players have the option to spread out his bankroll over multiple networks to find the best games.


If a player loses one month the player needs to win this back before he can cash out his/her winnings. The loss will carry over to next month and the player will be in makeup.
For payment to be made it requires that the player has a larger bankroll than the initial stake.

Rakeback and hand requirements

As a sponsored player you will receive 30% rakeback. The rakeback will firstly cover up possible losses for the month. If the player has a larger bankroll than the initial stake, the player has the right to withdraw his rakeback. To receive rakeback you must have met your requirement of 25 000 – 50 000 hands played during a month. This amount of hands can very depending on what game you play and/or your situation.

Contract lenght

We always try to have a long and prosperous partnership for both parties. We sign contracts with all of our staked players. The contract has 3 months notice but can be terminated by Prostaker with immediate effect.

Stop loss limit

Each player has a stop loss limit of 5 buyin at their staked level. Stop loss means the maximum amount you can lose in a 24 hour period. If you reach the stop loss limit, you must notify the manager by email or telephone and end the session. If you want to continue playing the manager must approve it. For Omaha and for experienced players this can be a higher number. Violation of the rules of stop-loss limit results in a initial warning from the manager. If the violation is serious or if repeated violations occur, the player must repay the lost amount in excess of the stop-loss limit. Prostaker has the right to terminate the contract for any violation of the stop loss limit.

Player account

As a player in Prostaker you will get personal login information. The information in your account is confidential and should be stored securely. You are responsible for ensuring that the information will not be available for a third party. Furthermore the player should obviously only play poker when sober and well rested. You are personally liable for all losses on your account. It’s strictly forbidden to let anyone else use your account. Violation of these rules will result in exclusion from Prostaker and you must repay the entire amount lost.