Frequently Asked Questions

What is required to be staked by Prostaker?

That you have some experience from the game and have a drive to succeed.

Can I be staked from abroad?

Yes, Prostaker stakes players from all over the world and are experienced in long-distance staking.

What levels can I be staked at?

We stake players between NL/PLO20-1000 both in heads-up and 6-max. The starting level depends on previous experience and knowledge.

What conditions are necessary for me to be able to move up in stakes?

We always strive to find the highest win rate for each individual player. There is always a dialogue between players, coaches and managers to achieve the highest win rate and find the level where the player earns the most money.

Which different games can I be staked in?

Prostaker stakes players in Texas Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha 6-max aswell as heads-up.

What different agreements can I choose from?

Prostaker always invest 100% of the bankroll. Player winnings are divided 50/50 between the player and Prostaker. This can be higher if the player is a proven winner. Losses are completely covered by Prostaker and you can never be liable for repayment.

How big bankroll do I get as a staked player?

20 buy-ins at the staked level.

How often do I get paid?

Winnings are paid out on the first day of a new month. Withdrawals are made with the approval of Prostaker. Exceptions are made for special cases.

Do I get rakeback as a staked player?

As a sponsored player you will receive 30% rakeback. The rakeback will firstly cover up possible losses for the month. If the player has a larger bankroll than the initial stake, the player has the right to withdraw his rakeback. To receive rakeback you must have met our requirement of 50 000 hands played during a month. For Omaha, and heads-up players we have personal requirements that are set together before the contract signing.

How much can I lose before I get excluded?

Prostakers goal is to ensure a long-term cooperation, sponsoring players who are winning in the long run. We are well aware that as a player you have bad periods but could suddenly get hot and win large sums of money. We have great trust and respect for our players, thereby not making any drastic decisions of exclusion. However, an approximation is that a player who does not show any results after 3 months will be questioned, nonetheless every case is unique.

Do I need to save my hand history?

Yes. When we evaluate a player we review the player’s hand histories, so it is very important that these get saved. For more information on how to save the hand history, click here.

Am I allowed to play tournaments?

Yes, you have the opportunity to play tournaments. Which tournaments you can play depends on what level you are sponsored at, and where you stand in terms of earnings for the month. This decision is up to the manager.

How does the poker education work?

We have personal coaches who work long-term with player development. These coaches work with each player 5 hours every month. We also have seminars where different parts of poker are addressed, such as theory, holdem manager and anything related to poker. Playing poker at the office and analyzing the game with other talented and dedicated poker players is a large part of the development as well.

Can I quit Prostaker whenever I want?

We sign contracts with all of our sponsored players. The contract has 3 months notice but can be terminated by Prostaker with immediate effect.

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