Benefits as a staked player

There are many benefits of playing staked. Do you want to learn PLO and need coaching? Your game might be ready for higher stakes but your bankroll might not. Some players have a hard time moving up in limits when a lot of the winnings has to be cashed out every month. Maybe you just had some big expence and your bank roll have took a hit.  If you have a hard time finding poker friends with the same goals and passion for the game as you have. Everyone can find something in our service that will help them become a better player and move up in limits.

Advance in levels with less risk

In Prostaker you have the ability to advance in levels without having to risk any funds. We help you manage your bankroll. We always try to find the level where our players has the best $/h. We help players with bankroll management. Bankroll management implies never to play uncontrolled, when stressed or over your limit.

Developing your poker game

We provide our players with a high-quality poker education taught by our professional coaches. All our mentors are successful poker player with many years of experience in online poker. You will get 5 hours of professional coaching every month. Aside from that we provide statistical software and access to the best video coaching sites to broaden our player’s poker skills. As a sponsored player you also play in a professional environment with other poker player’s which is both rewarding and stimulating.

Release funds

By getting sponsored you can release much of your own funds and invest or secure funds for the future. It can often be a freedom to see your poker as a job instead of a company.


It is always convenient to play for someone else’s money and thus reduce your own risk. In many cases it leads to the player taking more responsibility and playing a more calculated and deliberate poker. Another factor is that there is someone else who cares about what happens in your game and how you develop. We are devoted to make sure that you achieve your goals and we provide a psychological support in your poker.

Discipline and Structure

Our goal is to create as good conditions as possible for our players to successfully achieve their personal goals. Through a good structure, clear rules and daily routines, we create a professional environment that promotes self-discipline and seriousness.


An important part to playing good poker is to be motivated. It is well-known that playing poker day in and day out when you have no other focus than money can become habitual. It can be hard to set up goals and work towards them and finishing them by yourself. In Prostaker we set these goals together with our players and constantly look forward.


Another success factor in poker are the surroundings. It should be both balanced and peaceful when playing poker. Many players become trapped in their apartments in front of their computers and do not get out and meet other players, friends, etc. We have a skype groups where all our players and coachers discuss strategy and helps one another every day.